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Historical Thinking
Final Project

Suggested Level:  Grades 11, 12, and undergraduate

Suggested Time: 1 to 3 hours

Description of Final Project:

This task can be done in the classroom, or assigned as a take-home activity. In small groups, the students are encouraged to include their new learnings, creative endeavours and research.

Final Project



-Split your class into four (or eight) groups and assign one interviewee to each group.

-Ask each group to create a timeline of life events using the audio and transcripts, as well as biographies to piece together the chronologies of their lives.

-This activity can be assigned as a project to do outside of class hours and to be presented to the class at a future date. Creative endeavours are encouraged.

-For extra points, students are welcome to trace the itinerary of their subject on a map of the world from just after WWII (when these women started their migration to Canada). 

If you would like us to feature a project from your class on this page, please email us pictures and a short description of your presentation to

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